Our Story

our story



To get the whole Danu Apothecary story, you have to go back to mythological times. Irish myth, to be specific. And we’re nothing if not thorough.

Meet The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

Danu Apothecary is a nod to our ancestral roots. Our namesake, Danu, is the Great Mother Goddess of the Irish Celts. “Danu of the Flowing Waters” they call her. Queen of the Fertile Land. 

Little is known about Danu other than what sprang forth from her. From Danu came kings and queens, warriors and athletes, craftsmen and craftswomen, musicians, judges, and tricksters. She cultivated a world filled with interesting characters and a shared love for the environment. 

Legend has it, Danu sought a natural remedy that soothes the mind and body like a calming stream. She discovered the remarkable hemp plant and the vast capabilities of CBD. Once we woke from this fever dream, we had a name and a mission: trustworthy wellness for all.

Wellness Isn’t A Myth

Danu Apothecary was born from a need for honest, natural remedies. After trying out numerous CBD products to varying results, we decided to create our own. We harnessed the healing power that nature provides, and bottled it. Then we created lotions, salves, gummies, and softgels, too. 

Danu stands out in a saturated industry by focusing on quality, transparency, and inclusion. We’re more than just another CBD company — we’re a helping hand to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We aim to provide not just top-notch products and customer support, but a community. This is a safe environment to air a grievance, express a concern, share a tip, or gain some advice all in the name of positivity and wellness. Together, we can grow and thrive. 

Danu Apothecary is dedicated to creating natural remedies that improve daily routines and soothe the body and mind. We’re here to hold ourselves to the highest standards and break down the myths surrounding CBD. We seek the truth, and we deliver it in each item that carries our name. 

Wellness isn’t a myth. It’s real, it’s attainable, and we can help you be a better you.